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As part of the community voice. I believe in giving back to help our community progress & go forward. Join me by making a small donation.      

Love & Light, 
Master Hypnotist Lady*A*

A friend of mine ask me to help spread the word out there to help them rebuild The Parish Rectory where the community of Tanauan, Leyte was devastated by the typhoon Yolanda that was called Super Typhoon due to the fact that it killed 40k plus people in the world history of this plane of existence back in November 8, 2013 it's been 3yrs & 4months they haven't have much progress.

The Parish Rectory function helps support to keep lower the rate of violence in the community. Provide Catholic mass services daily & Day care center program within the community and much more. I humbly appreciate your generous contribution.

Your generous contribution will be send to the proper channel directly. Your name & amount will be posted on the Bulliten Board in this webpage so be the 1st to contribute for this cause, small amount will make a huge difference to this community. Thank you for your help & may GOD BLESS your benevolent heart. Stay Kind to all.

Love & Light Always,

Master Hypnotist Lady*A*

Donator Bulletin Board Displayed Publicly Here: 
1. Be the 1st to Contribute (Name & Amount displayed here)

I will provide you with new updates of there progress.
New photos coming soon....Thank you for your help.

If you would like to help make your generous contribution to rebuild THE PARISH RECTORY simply:
1)Log on to PAYPAL.COM 
2)click SEND MONEY
3)enter [email protected]
4)& enter AMOUNT.

5)Send me email that you made that $? amount of contribution to The Parish Rectory. Your benevolent donation is gratefully appreciated.

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Mentalist, Magician, Street & Stage Comedy Hypnotist

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